Early Detection

Early Detection of common cancers is done by free screening camps conducted in particular areas, identified by the organization. Emphasis will be laid on reaching out to those areas which are amenable for successful conduct of these activities.
Short term and long term assessments will be made on the compliance and the results of the screening camps. The cancers which are mainly targeted include cervical cancers, head & neck cancers and breast cancers.

Preventive Methodologies

Preventive methodologies include vaccination for cervical cancers and cancer awareness programs for all other preventable cancers.
Awareness programs for young citizens are conducted through rural schools. Program coordinator will try to make local teachers and other support service providers involve in this program. Spreading awareness against tobacco usage and HPV infection also remain as two important aspects of these programs.

Supporting Cancer Treatments

Supporting Cancer Treatments includes the provision of the following

  • Supplementary funds which enable a patient to complete the treatment
  • Support for boarding and lodging during the treatment
  • Support for purchase of chemotherapy drugs
  • Facilitation of transport needs
  • Financial support for ambulance services
  • Assist in hospice services by liaisoning with a hospice centre

Palliative Home Care Services

Palliative Home Care Services is offered for the terminally ill & needy patients. This includes home visits by the health care workers under the guidance of medical professionals for management of pain and other disabling symptoms.
We have given top priority for making oral morphine available to door steps of a cancer patient while offering psycho social and bereavement support to the patients and their families.


Rehabilitation of patients and their families is taken care by :

  • Extending financial support for procurement of prosthesis which will help in commencing a vocation and a livelihood
  • Providing support to the family of a patient during treatment
  • Aid patients and their families to search for a suitable livelihood by partnering with placement service agencies

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