Thank you. A kind heart like you makes the existence of heaven, predominantly evident. Lending a helping hand to the cancer patients of your country makes you a responsible citizen. Join us in our KALP campaigns to spread awareness about common cancers, among the people of rural India. You are getting close to god when you have a heart which is willing to help others.

Mr. Lakshman Rao
Modern Eye Hospital

Dr. M Srinivas Reddy,
Medical Oncologist based In Dallas
Donated Rs. One lakh to Kalp Cancer Foundation

Lakshmi Rajaram and Rajaram Nagarajan
Donated Rs.25000 towards the activities of Kalp-specifically
child related. ( Month of February 2016)

Mr P V Shankar Narayan
Donated Rs.5000 for the activities of kalp
child related. ( Month of February 2016)

Lakshmi Rajaram and Rajaram Nagarajan
Donated Rs.8000 for Kalp cancer foundation activities
( Month of February 2016)

Volunteer Opportunities
You can get involved in this great mission by:
Join as a member
Our membership is limited in number and is open to people who contribute to the cause of organization in a major and persistent way. You will be given great importance if you have deep commitment to the cause, with a fine understanding of our goals.
Join us as a volunteer
We have two options for volunteering. You can either participate in full time volunteering or part time volunteering, as per your wish.
Different fields to volunteer
  • Medical functioning
  • Para medical functioning
  • Accounts keeping
  • Clerical
  • Home care
  • Organizational promotion
  • Legal help
  • Liaisoning with public organizations
How to enroll
  • Contact us through info@kalpcancerfoundation.org
  • Tell us about you and your interests
  • The committee of KALP examines potential volunteers and qualifies them to be volunteers if criteria are met
Show Your Support
+ 91 99165 64170
  • Are you searching for a reason, to be kind? Donate to save many lives
  • Be a part of this movement that has decided to wipe out cancer from this planet. Donate
  • Your pocket money may save someone’s life. Hence, donate
  • Your kindness can light up many lives. Hence donate to wipe out common cancers
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